The attached documents about the Veterans Day Service at Miramar National Cemetery on Nov. 11, 2018 are included in the Press Kit (zipped):

  1. Media Alert Vets Day 2018
  2. Vet Day 2018 News Release
  3. Veterans Day Program Agenda
  4. General Robert Cardenas Bio
  5. Brig Gen Robert Cardenas Photo.jpg
  6. Rex Kern Bio
  7. Rex Kern Photo.jpg
  8. Chaplain Latoya Zavala Bio
  9. Media Parking Permit

Information about Miramar National Cemetery and Veterans’ Benefits

  1. Support Foundation Description: Foundation background information
  2. Miramar Status Updates: Current number of burials at Miramar National Cemetery
  3. Burial Benefits Links: Veterans burial benefits at VA cemeteries
  4. Eligibility for Burial: Who is eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery
  5. NCA Fact Sheet: Information on the VA’s National Cemetery Administration
  6. Scheduling a Burial: How to schedule a burial at a VA cemetery
  7. VA Burial Benefits: A description of all the burial benefits to which veterans are entitled
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