To support the activities of the Miramar National Cemetery by advising on specific memorial project, raising funds to construct those projects, administering memorial trust funds, and sponsoring commemorative ceremonies to mark significant patriotic events throughout the year.

To ensure that Miramar National Cemetery will always be a ‘Shrine to our Heroes’


The Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation’s Commemorative Works and Memorial Monuments Committee was established to assist organizations and individuals who wish to enhance and beautify Miramar National Cemetery with their contribution of a commemorative work, or a memorial monument.

The committee will help secure approval from the National Cemetery Administration, and will advise organizations and individuals who wish to raise funds for landscaping, siting, and a perpetual maintenance trust. 

The Support Foundation has set ambitious goals for enhancements to Miramar National Cemetery. These projects include:

  • Armed Forces Memorial Amphitheater
  • Memorial Chapel
  • Medal of Honor Memorial
  • Iwo Jima Memorial
  • Vietnam War Memorial
  • Reflecting Lake

You Can Help!

Your support—as an individual, or member of a patriotic or civic organization—will be key to the success of this effort.  Please help by making a donation to further the work of the Support Foundation. Please click here.


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