The attached documents about the 2019 Veterans Day Service at Miramar National Cemetery are included in the Press Kit (zipped):

    1. Veterans Day Service 2019 Media Alert:  Summary of the event
    2. Veterans Memorial Service 2019:  The event’s main news release
    3. Veterans Service Program 2019:   The event program
    4. Duane Norman Bio:   Biography/photo of the Featured Speaker
    5. Duane Norman Photo:  Photo of Featured Speaker
    6. Chaplain Rick Blank Bio:  Biography of Chaplain
    7. Chaplain Rick Blank Photo:   Photo of the Chaplain
    8. Parking Permit 2019:


Information about Miramar National Cemetery and Veterans’ Benefits

  1. Support Foundation Description: Foundation background information
  2. Miramar Status Updates: Current number of burials at Miramar National Cemetery
  3. Burial Benefits Links: Veterans burial benefits at VA cemeteries
  4. Eligibility for Burial: Who is eligible to be buried in a VA cemetery
  5. NCA Fact Sheet: Information on the VA’s National Cemetery Administration
  6. Scheduling a Burial: How to schedule a burial at a VA cemetery
  7. VA Burial Benefits: A description of all the burial benefits to which veterans are entitled
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