Fort Rosecrans, Miramar National Cemeteries Schedule World War I, Vietnam War Remembrance Ceremonies

Vietnam Veteran Lapel Pin

Vietnam Veterans to Receive Commemorative Pins

Fort Rosecrans and Miramar National Cemeteries will conduct ceremonies March 29 and April 6 marking the anniversaries of two major conflicts and honoring the sacrifices of the Americans who fought in them.

The two Veterans Administration cemeteries will host concurrent ceremonies at 11 a.m., Wednesday, 29 March, to mark the Anniversary of the Vietnam War, and to honor and express appreciation to veterans of that war.

The Vietnam ceremony at Fort Rosecrans will be conducted in the Rostrum Area off Cabrillo Drive.  The Vietnam commemoration ceremony at Miramar will be held in the Flag Pole Assembly Area at the end of the Avenue of Flags.

Every Vietnam veteran attending a Vietnam War commemoration ceremony at either Fort Rosecrans or Miramar will receive a commemorative pin.  The pin features the head of a bald eagle superimposed over the American flag, and the words “Vietnam War Veteran”.

Some 9 million Americans served on active duty during the Vietnam era from August 1964 to May 1975.  Of those, 2.7 million served in uniform in Vietnam.  Of that number, 58,148 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen were killed.  Many veterans of the Vietnam War are buried at Fort Rosecrans and Miramar National Cemeteries.

World War I Victory Medal

World War I Wreath-Laying

A wreath-laying ceremony, planned for 11 a.m., Thursday, 6 April, in the Rostrum Area at Fort Rosecrans will mark the 100th anniversary of the America’s entry into World War I.  A number of veterans from WWI are buried at Fort Rosecrans.

More than 600,000 U.S. troops were deployed to Europe during WWI.  American combat deaths totaled 53,402 out of the 116,708 U.S. troops who died during the 1 year, 7 months America was involved before the Armistice on 11 November 1918.

In “The War to End All Wars,” the Allied Powers suffered 5,525,000 dead, 12,831,500 wounded, and 4,121,000 missing in action.  The Central Powers, led by Germany, recorded 4,386,000 dead, 8,388,000 wounded, and 3,629,000 missing in action.

For more information about the ceremonies, contact Miramar National Cemetery at 858-658-7360, or Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery at 619-553-2084.

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