Honoring Fallen Vietnam Veterans

(April 2024) This month, Honor Flight San Diego took 90 Korean and Vietnam War U.S. Navy Special Warfare (NSW) Operators on their Honor Flight to Washington, D.C. They also took 55 American Flags that flew over our nation’s heroes at Miramar National Cemetery.

The 55 flags were part of a ceremony during the trip and were paired with a photo of the fallen Operator, and the pencil rubbing of each man’s name from the Vietnam Wall. The flag, photo, and etching were to honor and remember the 55 NSW Operators (SEALs and Boat Crewmen) who were Killed in Action (KIA) or Killed in Training (KIT) during the Vietnam War. Many of the honored veterans stated they went on the flight for their brothers who could not.

The flags were donated by the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation and were folded by Foundation members, as well as active-duty NSW Operators, the Frogmen Motorcycle Club, Beyond the Teams, Navy HA(L)-3 Seawolves, and Honor Flight San Diego volunteers. Out of 155 national cemeteries, Miramar National Cemetery is the only one with an Avenue of Flags. The 50 American Flags fly 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and are changed out twice a year for wear and tear.    

“Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation was honored to donate the flags in remembrance of our fallen brothers; in this case for the 55 men who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said President and CEO Charles Bailey. “The flags flew over the hallowed grounds of Miramar National Cemetery represent the sacrifice of our military men and women; we can never do enough to show our appreciation for their service.”    

At the end of the weekend, the NSW Operators were given the flags, photos, and etchings, so they co

uld remember their fallen brothers, and the families they left behind.

Photo Credit for all photos: Mickey Srand

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