Air Force Veteran, Entrepreneur Victoria A. Nenner Joins Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation Board

Victoria A. Nenner, a U.S. Air Force veteran and owner of Nenner Enterprises

Dec. 3, 2014 – Victoria A. Nenner, a U.S. Air Force veteran and owner of Nenner Enterprises, a firm that provides continuing education to nurses and other medical staff, has joined the Board of Directors of the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation.

During the Vietnam War, Nenner served four years as a staff and charge nurse in an Air Force hospital at Tachikawa AFB, Japan, where she treated soldiers wounded in battle. She met her late husband, Paul, while serving in Japan. She left active duty as a captain, and continued in the reserves until 1977.

Nenner is a member of the Board of Directors of the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park, and has served on the board of the Veterans Village of San Diego. She was a charter member of the Women in Military Service for America Foundation.

Nenner was president of the California League for Nursing in 1993-94, and of the American Society for Healthcare Education and Training in 1987. She also served on the board of the San Diego Performing Arts League.

“We are most fortunate to have a person of Vicki Nenner’s caliber agree to join our Board,” said Dennis A. Schoville, president and CEO of the Support Foundation. “As someone who has been active in veterans’ causes, the medical field, and the San Diego community, she will bring an important perspective to the work of the Support Foundation.”

“It is an honor to serve on this board” said Nenner. “I look forward to helping it work toward achieving its goals.”

Following military service in 1974, Nenner was named Director of Continuing Education at Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, where her duties included organizing, implementing and evaluating educational programs for nursing service.

That experience led to the formation in 1985 of Marvik Educational Services, Inc., of San Diego. As vice president, she created educational programs in AIDS treatment, hospital worker safety, and epidemiology for Scripps and other health care agencies, and continuing education programs for registered nurses.

In 1986, Nenner became the full owner of the company, which expanded into providing educational materials for infection control. Since 2007, she has owned Nenner Enterprises, which provides continuing education materials and certification to nurses.

Nenner comes from a long line of nurses – her grandmother, mother, uncle and sister were all nurses, and another sister is a physician. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in nursing science at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Tex., and a Master’s degree in family health nursing from the University of San Diego.
By Bill Heard
Public Information Officer

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