Support Foundation Vice President Carlos Inot said, “Americans are the beneficiaries of the brave actions and sacrifices of today’s veterans.”

Ceremony at Miramar National Cemetery

Closes Veterans’ Day Tribute

(Nov. 11, 2017)  At the close of Veterans’ Day 2017, the stirring notes of “Taps” sounded across the manicured lawns of Miramar National Cemetery.  The setting sun glinted off white marble headstones that mark the graves of thousands of veterans of America’s wars.


The bugle call rang out from the Veterans’ Tribute Tower & Carillon where some 100 San Diego veterans and their family members gathered for a brief ceremony that ended a busy day of area tributes to those who served their country in war and peace.


During his remarks, Carlos Inot, vice president of the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation, quoted poet Maya Angelou who said, “How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”


Inot noted that five Southern California residents – four men and one woman – recently were honored in a ceremony where they received the French Legion of Honor for service in France during World War II.


“Like the French who benefited from the brave actions and sacrifices of our World War II servicemen and servicewomen,” Inot said, “we Americans are the beneficiaries of the brave actions and sacrifices of today’s veterans, and members of the active duty forces.  We owe them a debt of gratitude.”


Cemetery Director Rex Kern joined Inot at the podium to welcome guests on behalf of the Veterans Administration. Navy Chaplain Stephen R. Scott, command chaplain for Submarine Squadron 11, offered the Invocation.


Third largest veteran population


Congressman Scott Peters told the crowd we owe our veterans “thanks not just for their service, but for their contributions to San Diego.”

During his remarks, Congressman Scott Peters (D-52) pointed out that San Diego has the third largest population of veterans in the nation.


“In a way, we owe them thanks not just for their service,” he said, “but for their contributions to San Diego.  Veterans are some of the most skilled and driven people.  Their years of service cultivate leadership, knowledge of advanced technologies, performance under pressure, and how to navigate unpredictability.


“It breeds bravery, but also selflessness,” Peters added.  “And their mission-driven mentality means they know how to get things done.  These are all qualities San Diego and America need.  It’s also something we should aspire to emulate.”


The ceremony, the second Veterans’ Day event sponsored by the Support Foundation, concluded with a mini-concert played by the Carillon Tower.  Veterans of the five military services stood at attention as their service songs were played.


The grave of Medal of Honor recipient Army Sgt. Charles Schroeter is one of the most decorated at Miramar National Cemetery.

And, as the sun was setting at the end of a long day of tributes, families wandered among the rows of gleaming headstones, placing flowers and flags on the graves of their loved ones, and spending a few moments in silent contemplation.


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By Bill Heard, Public Information Officer
Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation

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